Every few weeks we look for interesting stories from cats and their owners. Samantha lives with her cat Bert in the United Kingdom. She wanted to give Bert a new home, as he needed a safe place being deaf. But was he really?

A home for Bert
Samantha was recently in the area and wanted to get some information at a local adoption center in her area. “I thought it would be a good idea to pop into the Cat Protection Adoption Center, it never hurts to inform. I spoke to them about my interest in volunteering and about the different cats that needed a new home. They then introduced me to a cat they thought was deaf," says Samantha. “So he needed a place where he couldn't get out. When she introduced me to him, he didn't realize I was there until he turned around. At first he was hesitant, but after a few minutes he laid down on my lap. He laid there for over an hour. I knew then that I had to take him home.”

Human comfort
The first days together with Bert were very satisfying. “It was really nice to offer him that human comfort he's been looking for for so long,” says Samantha. “He is my buddy and he originally provides support. I am truly grateful that I was able to give home to a misunderstood cat. His self-confidence is enormous since he lives with me. Our house wouldn't be a home without Bert."

Bert and Samantha

Not what it seems
A deaf cat in the house, you would think it would cause a lot of worries. How did Samantha deal with that?

Fortunately, it turned out afterwards that Bert is not completely deaf. “He suffered from a severe ear infection that perforated his eardrum. We found a large polyp in his ear canal. So he is deaf in one ear, but the other ear still works perfectly!”, says Samantha.

Bert even inspired Samantha to start her own company. “I've always had cats, but Bert is a special boy. It is because of him that I now have Feline Fine Behaviour, with which I now want to help owners to understand their cat better."

Samantha shares all kinds of tips, advice and facts on Facebook and Instagram. Bert has his own section. In 'Bert's Top Tip Tuesday' he shares his view on all kinds of situations.

Step by step
Samantha calls her Bert a bit spoiled, since he has no less than two scratching posts. “Bert is a bit older and he also has arthritis in his hind legs, he needs to be able to fully stretch and takes his time to reach the top, step by step.
These are Bert’s favourites:

Cat Condo in Beige Cat Trone XXL in Light Grey
cat condo cat condo

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