Every few weeks we look for interesting stories from cats and their owners. This week we ended up with Suleika in the Netherlands. She is not a fan of common names, so she gave all her cats special names.

Not a fan of the standard
Common names? Rather not! Suleika wanted to give her cats a unique names, something you don't hear often. For example, Kito's name comes from Swahili, Nishi is a Japanese name, Lanah gets her name from Hawaii and Elani is an African name. Unique enough, if you ask us!

Kito (Swahili) - Means jewel.
Nishi (Japanese) - means West.
Lanah (Hawaiian) - means radiant.
Elani (African) - Means enlightenment.

Old breed
Her first cat ever, Kito, used to live on the street and was found by a friend of Suleika's. "She couldn't keep him, so I decided to take him in," says Suleika.

During her free time, Suleika also regularly came into contact with other cats. "I used to take pictures for a friend who also happened to be a breeder. I've been doing that for years. I've always wanted to take home a kitten from his litter. My boyfriend agreed, on one condition. He just wanted an Abyssinian, not another race. Fortunately, Nishi, an Abyssinian, was born shortly after," she says.

Suleika cat
Abyssinians, Abys, are one of the oldest animal species ever domesticated by humans. They are often compared to the mummified cats from Egyptian tombs.

Close bond
Suleika has always had a close relationship with her cats. She was often there from birth or just days after. "I met Nishi when she was one week old. I visited her every week so we could get to know each other and cuddle. She was always with me for hours! Nishi wouldn't do that to anyone but me," says Suleika.
"Nishi gave birth to two little kittens, Lanah and Elani. I've been with them from the beginning." Nishi, according to Suleika, is a wonderful mother who has given birth to two beautiful babies. "She is so proud of her two little girls."

suleika cat 2

Obviously, Suleika wants her cats to learn things, and they do. She even takes them to different places. "I take them to the pet store and to my parents' house so they can get used to different environments and different people. They do learn from it. Nishi and Lanah are also used to walking on a leash, they really like it awesome."

cat on leash

Scratching posts for active cats
Since Suleika has four cats, she bought them not one but two scratching posts! "We have the Cat Mansion in our cat room and then we have the Cat Empire in our living room. They have to be sturdy as the cats can be quite active so I don't want it to fall over when they all decide run like crazy!" she says.

"The big advantage is that I don't have to worry about spare parts either, because I can easily order them without having to cross the country for a new piece and pay the original price for a new scratching post."

The Cat Empire in Dark Grey

Cat mansion dark grey

The Cat Mansion in Dark Grey

cat mansion in dark grey

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