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Ragdoll Scratcher Beige
Ragdoll Scratcher Beige
Ragdoll Scratcher Beige
Ragdoll Scratcher Beige
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Ragdoll Scratcher Beige

Cat Tree King
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With its height of 85 cm and 15 cm thick sisal post, this beige-coloured scratch post Ragdoll Scratcher by RHRQuality is a super sturdy and compact cat tree by Cat Tree King. Suitable for cats such as the Ragdoll, the Sacred Birman and Maine Coon. You buy this one at Cat Tree King!
Ragdoll Scratcher Beige >Ragdoll Scratcher Beige >Ragdoll Scratcher Beige >Ragdoll Scratcher Beige >

About the Product

The scratching post Ragdoll Scratcher by RHRQuality, is a scratching post with a 15 cm thick sisal pole which is a true play paradise for small to large cats. Not only suitable for the British Shorthair, Sacred Birman or Ragdoll for example, but certainly also for a large Maine Coon. With such a fun cat scratching post, your cat can expend its energy, and you won't lose so much space either.

This compact, stable and stylish scratching post has a compact design, which means you can offer your cat a super cute scratching furniture without spending a lot of space on it. Win - Win for you and your cat! The sisal post, measuring 15cm in diameter and about 80cm (!) high, has the sisal glued to the post itself. And because of this technique used by RHRQuality on the Ragdoll Scratcher scratching post, the sisal will not unroll.

The scratch post Ragdoll Scratcher a heavily weighted base plate of 50 x 50cm and is approx 4cm thick. This makes this scratching post enormously stable!

Keep your cat fit and healthy with this scratching post! After all, around the scratching post your cat has plenty of room to let off steam. Thanks to the sturdy 80cm-high sisal post, even the biggest cats can fully stretch and stretch, which is ergonomically important for your cat's joints.

As known from all Cat Tree Kings scratching posts, you can reorder the sisal posts of this scratching post separately.

About Cat Tree King Quality Products

Cat Tree King stands as a premier brand specializing in top-tier cat trees, serving both the US and Australia. From our state-of-the-art facilities headquartered in Belgium and the Netherlands, we meticulously craft and rigorously test all our products. We take immense pride in being an integral part of the RHR Pets group, Europe's largest manufacturer and distributor of cat tree scratching posts.

Our customers are the heart of our success story, with a dedicated following of over 100,000 on social media and a trove of more than 30,000 online reviews. Their unwavering support has made Cat Tree King the undisputed benchmark for quality scratching posts.

At the core of our offerings are high-quality cat trees, scratching posts, and scratching barrels, renowned for their exceptional stability, resilience, and craftsmanship. Our commitment to quality shines through in the use of natural sisal rope, meticulously glued from top to bottom, ensuring it remains securely fastened over time. Additionally, every panel is swathed in sumptuous, high-quality plush fabric, boasting an impressive weight of 17.7 oz/yd².

To fortify the structural integrity of our scratching posts, we employ ultra-sturdy ABS plastic for all fixing components. Further emphasizing our dedication to durability, we utilize a minimum screw size of M8 or M10 between the sisal posts, ensuring these feline retreats stand the test of time.

What truly sets Cat Tree King apart is our unparalleled flexibility. We offer the unique ability to order individual parts, providing you with a diverse array of scratching posts and spare components always readily available in our stock.


  • Colour: Beige

  • Height: 85cm

  • Complete dimensions: 85cm x 50cm x 50cm

  • Weighted base plate

  • Sisal pole with a diameter of 15cm (screw size M8)

  • Sisal rope is glued to the pole so it does not unwind

  • Weight: 10 KG

  • The model next to the sisal post is 1.60m long

  • This sisal pole can be reordered in our webshop

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Avalee Thompson
Royal lounge

Great quality, quick delivery, my 6kg and 7kg furbabies took to it straight away, so thankful I got these as they are made to last for even big cats.

Nissan Essery
Bargain Cat Scratch Post!

My second purchase - a standalone scratch post that my 2 catkids could parkour off without tipping over. Thick and heavy base, thick and sturdy post - this will last much longer than any store bought tree. Got this on sale and am well chuffed, it's purrfect!

Pauline Worrall
Blends with furniture perfect

Excellent service. Prompt delivery

Angie McGuinness
Great quality!

My cat loves this scratcher and it’s so sturdy and good quality. I’ll be purchasing a tree next as I’m so impressed.

Christine Diane

Excellent purchase. My male Ragdoll cannot knock this scratcher over as it is weighted just right. Recommended to anyone who has larger cats.

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