Cat Trone XXL Blackline Dark Grey
Cat Trone XXL Blackline Dark Grey
Cat Trone XXL Blackline Dark Grey
Cat Trone XXL Blackline Dark Grey
Cat Trone XXL Blackline Dark Grey

Cat Trone XXL Blackline Dark Grey

Cat Tree King

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PRE-ORDER!! This product will arrive in our warehouse on December 10th!

Cat Tree for Large Cats – Cat Trone XXL Blackline Dark Grey – 120cm 25kg 20cm Ø poles – Total size 120x60x60cm – Cat Scratcher scratching post activity center Cat Trees for large cats. Quality product from Cat Tree King

  • High Quality Cat Tree for large cats
  • 25kg total weight
  • Height 120cm
  • Total size: 120x60x60cm
  • Color: Dark Grey with Black Poles
  • Exclusive Blackline Series
  • Sisal posts: 20cm diameter with natural sisal
  • Large bed at the top of 60x43x15cm with 5cm thick removable pillow included. The pillow can be attached with Velcro.
  • Base stand 60x60x4cm
  • Highest quality heavy plush
  • Large plate, easy to go up and down for every cat
  • Very sturdy construction. Even your large cats can jump up our Cat Trees as hard as they can and it won’t move!
  • The Cat Trone XXL is everything a cat can wish for!
  • Very easy to assemble, it will only take you a few minutes. Assembly manual and toolkit included.
  • High quality product from Cat Tree King, Europe’s leading brand!
  • Designed in The Netherlands


How to recognize a CatTreeKing High Quality Cat Tree?

  • All poles of a CatTreeKing Cat Tree are fully covered with sisal rope from top to bottom.
  • CatTreeKing glues the sisal directly to the poles. So if your cat would ever break the sisal rope, it will not roll off the pole.
  • All fixing parts of a CatTreeKing pole are made of the mega strong ABS to make your Cat Tree very sturdy!
  • All the panels of CatTreeKing Cat Trees are provided with plush at the bottom and at the top so you never see a piece of unfinished wood. This plush is of the highest quality and super sturdy. This is unique in the market!
  • The plush of a CatTreeKing Cat Tree is glued to the panel over the entire surface so that it cannot be pulled loose when your cat pulls it.



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