Well worth the money!

Cat Mansion Light Grey

I ordered my Cat Tree King Mansion recently, and it arrived within a couple of days! You could instantly tell the quality by the weight of the boxes! Wowsers ! Very easy to assemble and it didn't take long at all. My two Birman girls and my Ragdoll boy took to their new Mansion instantly! Lylah claimed the hidy hole box. Miss Mokey took to the high platform bed, and Astro dove straight into the basket. Now Astro my Ragdoll is still a kitten at 10 months old... however my little kitten is not so little, already weighing in at 7.1kg and who didn't fit in my old cheap cat tree anymore. This cat tree king one is AMAZING!! He fits in the basket with heaps of room to spare! He loves the platforms and I can tell the big chunky scratching posts will last a long time!

Good to know parts are replaceable too if he does destroy it, but I'm
going to guess that is going to take several years before we even need to think about it!

It's very solid, it doesn't budge at all when Astro gets the zoomies and scales up the side of the cat tree at 97kph! (Old one used to rock back and forth and I had to secure it as he was growing to stop it tipping!)

So I'm definitely happy with my purchase and can highly and genuinely recommend Cat Tree King to anyone with a kitty cat, but
especially recommend them to those with big cats like Ragdolls and Maine Coons!

Astro, Mokey and Lylah also give the paws up approval.

- Melissa (December 2023)

Bestthing I’ve bought for my cats ever! Quality is above any cat tree I’ve seenpreviously. Extremely sturdy


Awesome unit!

Cat Paradise Light Grey

By far the best unit I have ever bought. Only shows you only get what you pay for.

Not cheap but when you put it together, you can literally feel the difference.

The sheer weight and stability is fantastic. Very happy purchaser

- Philip (December 2023)

Tall Cat Mansion

Cat Mansion Beige

My Maine Coon, Instantly was attracted to it. From the moment I started to set it up - which was also a one person job and not hard! He loves the height & bed area but he hasn’t worked out the hammock or the slide yet! Although he likes watching his toys fall down the slide into the hole.

Strong, solid, soft velvety fabric. Happy with product & sale discount price when I bought it.

- Sam (November 2023)

Item arrived super fast. Cats enjoy jumping around and sleeping in it. Strong sturdy plush feel. Very happy


Best I've seen

Tiger Blackline Dark Grey

Great product from what I saw when I opened the boxes. Solid, easy to assemble and will last for years. Took a couple of hours to assemble but that was mainly because of the interest in something new by Brodie, our Birman. When assembled, it’s nice and solid and although seemingly expensive by comparison to smaller trees, it
wasn’t. Looked at other brands at Penstock and other stores before I bought this and the display models in the stores still seemed very “average” to say the least for a similar price.

More than happy with this product as we got it because we’re getting a Maine Coon kitten and you need something solid for these big boys when they grow up.

So many owners on cat groups have these and are more than happy with them, so that recommendation on its own says enough about the quality of this product.

- Bushmagpie (October 2023)

Couldn’t live without a cat tree king in my life now!

Cat Mansion Beige

This is my second cat tree king purchase and the products do not disappoint!!

I’ve recommended cat tree king to quite a few friends who have them since bit the bullet and bought their cats a cat tree king product and they can’t thank me enough for the recommendation.

- Chloe (December 2023)