About us

CatTreeKing.com is part of Collina Concepts BVBA, specialized in high quality Cat trees and Cat Trees for large cats.

Our company started in 2002 with a broad assortment of pet products and grew fast within Europe.
5 years ago we changed our focus from a broad assortment to only cat trees. Today we make high quality cat trees and cat trees for large cats. In Europe we are market leader in high quality cat trees. With a permanent stock of over 50.000 cat trees we hold the largest stock of cat trees in Europe.
Cat Tree King was launched in the US in December 2017. Exactly one year later we launched in Australia.

Cat Tree King focuses on a high customer service level. We do not only sell Cat Products. We also design, test, develop.... we take care of the total process so we can always assist you with any question. In case you have any questions, feel free to ask our customer support team at hello@cattreeking.com.au

Our headquarter is located in the city centre of Antwerp, Belgium: Kipdorp 46, box 901, 2000 Antwerp, Belgium
Warehouse address: Albert Einsteinweg 28, 5151DL Drunen, The Netherlands
Tel: +32.497.40.36.86
Email: hello@cattreeking.com.au
Directors: Remco Reinhoudt & Jan Ceulemans


Cat Tree King is the biggest seller in Europe for high quality Cat Trees and Cat Trees for large cats. Our products are designed in The Netherlands. Check one of our references below:
Amazon US: 140 reviews, 97% positive Amazon
Amazon Europe: 890 reviews, 98% positive Amazon
Facebook: 56.000 followers in the United States and 99% 5 star reviews: Facebook US
Facebook: 69.000 followers in The Netherlands Facebook NL
Facebook: 51.000 followers in Germany Facebook DE
Our Webshops:
Australia – www.cattreeking.com.au
United States - www.cattreeking.com
United Kingdom - www.cattreeking.co.uk
Holland - www.Dierenvilla.nl
Belgium - www.Dierenvilla.be
France - www.Animauxvillas.com
Germany - www.Tierwebshop.de
Italy - www.animalcorner.it